Clash of Clans Private Servers – Download Magic, Light, MiroClash, Souls (APK)

Drained of training your troops and recharging your spells continuously? Well, with increasing training time and cost of troops at higher levels, it is obvious to run out of resources if you are continuously engaged in wars and raids. If you are ambitious and looking for continuous boosts, but somehow fail to capitalize on the moment, it is bound for you to feel down upon yourself. After all, we all want to expand ourselves more to build more.

Well, a lot of people resort to Clash of Clans private servers using to explore more on their gaming. It’s fair enough on your part if you want to enjoy gaming at its fullest, as the private servers give you an unmatched experience. You will feel powerful like never before,  store elixirs, gold, and go for a full-fledged upgrade in a rather short period.

Private Servers: A Brief

Private servers are additions to your already established game which gives you access to free gold, elixirs, and gems to an unlimited level. Access to unlimited resources gives you access to a world of uninterrupted freedom, and you can exercise supreme dominance. Private servers can bring a lot of cool features to the regular Clash of Clans gameplay. Though its regular use might cause some technical glitches, it is cool to use them a few times to get the best feeling of the game.

Checking the Online Server

A few things that need to be taken care of when trying to connect to your game using private servers. Previously, loading the game used to take up a lot of time, which has been improved in the Latest 2019 update. When you install the clash of clans apk and launch the game, you must make sure that the server you are playing is currently online. You can check it by starting the game when you install it. When it stays stuck on loading screen for a long time, it means your server is offline. You must restart the game and connect it to a local server.

Starting the game with an offline server means you would end up having bugs and other breakdowns in the system. It’s not a good thing to begin with. So it’s better to connect to an online server and then enjoy the game.

Installing the Private Server

Installation of private servers is not rocket science. You need to follow simple steps to get your desired reality. First of all, you need to install the Clash of Clans apk in your android device. After getting done with the basic setup and initial stages, you must now resort to installing the Clash of clans private server(s) from any of the options available. You must enable the installation of apks from unknown sources in your device. After the installation of private server apks, you can start using them and performing tasks on your clash of clans apk. It’s done! 

resource floods with private servers

Types of Private Servers

Depending upon your interests and technical adjustments with your servers and the system, private servers can be categorized into various types. You can have a look at private servers in various aspects, ranging from their functionality to the type of gaming experience they give you. There are a lot of servers available online which help you get the best in the game:

Clash of Lights:

With no limitations of resources and all the gold, gems, and elixir free, you are good to go with this server. It also gives you about 600 slots to create armies.

Clash of Magic:

Another fine server with the best of features available with it. With unlimited resources and zero building time on all your assets, this is again one of the best you can get.

FHX Server:

Works on any device and works efficiently. Again it boasts about resources along with no time required to build assets.

Clash of Souls:

With the new update facilitating you to use TH 12, which almost feels like the real one, you can enjoy the uninterrupted gameplay at your fingertips using the best servers in the business.


Miroclash gives you the best of memory and is notably marked by many CoC experts for the same. With its efficiency and notable facilities, it gives others a run for their money.

Play Clash of Clans on mobile

Bluestacks is a revolutionary American application which gives you a virtual android platform on your Windows PC and Mac. It is easy to use, flexible, and extremely efficient. You can do almost anything, that you regularly do with your Android device except calling and messaging (as it requires a SIM card). For apps, functioning, and other such purposes, Bluestacks serves you the best. We are likely to have more such apps to emulate the Android scenario on your computer screens, but Bluestacks remains the best in the business.

With innovation come changes, be it in the gaming arena or the real world. Why not enjoy a bit more by innovating a bit more!

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