MiroClash Private Server – Unlimited Resources (Latest 2019 Update)


If you are looking for the most popular and stable server for playing Clash of Clans, MiroClash should be your first choice. This is mainly because it runs on high-performance servers. The developers are delivering the security patches regularly thereby making it one of the fastest and secure Clash of Clan private servers. MiroClash is very much different from Clash of Lights and Null’s Clash. It not only provides the players with unlimited resources but also helps them to train heroes like Kings, Queens, and Grand Warden. Most players will prefer MiroClash private server because it allows unlimited buildings to be built and provides infinite placement of all these buildings. MiroClash offers the modified version of the game which the users can download in the form of MiroClash APK.

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Free of cost availability, unlimited resources, and no rules and restrictions are the three top features of this updated MiroClash private server. Apart from these, the following are also some of the features of this server that make it favorite Clash of Clan server for the people:

1. Security

The first and the most touted feature of this server is its security. Due to the use of DDoS technology, it has become the favorite server of the people. The use of latest technology has changed the minds of the people that used to consider private servers as insecure. The players of the game hosted on this private server guarantee that you will never face any security issue while using this private server.

2. Ultimate Fast Speed

Another good feature of this server is its speed. The developers have used the latest technology with such algorithms that provide it immense power to defeat all other private servers in terms of speed and make it one of the high-speed servers. The speed of this private server is not at all disturbed if many players play the game hosted on this server at the same time.

3. Phenomenal Up Time

The phenomenal uptime of this server also makes it the most liked private server. There are little to no chances of occurrence of any problem while playing the game on this server. The server shows an uptime of about 99.9% which means that its downtime is just 0.1%. This means that you can access the game from anywhere with the help of a good internet connection.

4. Regular Updates

Nowadays people prefer to play the game hosted on those servers that keep on updating their technologies regularly. MiroClash is also among those private servers that have blended the latest technologies with its unique algorithms through instant upgrades. The latest upgrade of 2019 has brought TH 12 and TH 13 features to the game and has increased its worth. The players can enjoy unlimited gold, gem, and elixir because these are unlocked from the very beginning of the game. Moreover, unlocked and upgraded troops also increase the charm of the game.

5. Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer support is also another prominent feature of MiroClash private server. Almost, all the other private servers get down when many players play the game. MiroClash is not one of those servers because it maintains its top speed irrespective of the number of players playing the game at the same time.

Various Types of MiroClash Private Server

Like many other private servers, MiroClash has also launched different kinds of private servers depending on their features. This makes it possible for the users to search for the server of their own choice that satisfies their gaming needs. These are:

A. Normal Server

This is the server that provides many basic benefits like good up time and normal building limits. This server allows the players to control the normal troops with the help of normal commands. Here, one thing very important is that all this is free of cost. The game offered by this server is identical to the original game.

B. Modded Server

This MiroClash private server is modified and also offers 100% uptime. It also operates on the same commands but provides 100 troop limits. The building limits in this server are 1000 which is very useful to defend your empire. The player on this server can also enjoy the Siega workshop to max levels which keeps the game alive for them.

C. Premium Server

This server is designed especially for YouTube geeks. It also has 100% uptime but building limits and troop limits in this server reach 10000. It also provides special commands to help the You Tubers in defeating their enemies. It also provides upgraded collectors and mines that help the players to unlock many resources during the course of the game.

Here, one thing attractive about all the servers is that these require zero build time to build structures, troops, and other resources.

Download and Installation

If you want to know how to install MiroClash on iOS, this section will answer all your questions. Downloading this apk is possible from the official website if you allow your devices to accept downloads from unknown sources. After MiroClash APK is downloaded, you can go with the installation by clicking the downloaded APK file. The players of the game on iOS also need to change the security settings of their devices. However, if you intend to play the game on PC; you will have to install Blue stack application first.


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